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THE RISE OF FANTASY (English Version)

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THE RISE OF FANTASY (English Version)


A unique and amazing book written by the renown fantasy modeler Juan J. Barrena (JJ). 112 pages of frenetic step-by-step, full of countless painting and construction techniques, showing amazing examples of highlighting and shadow techniques, life-like wooden, water and metals textures, painting sea beasts, mythological characters and many more. A wide collection of examples and subjects in just one highly-quality printed book. Includes color guides, mixes and materials with a detailed description of the processes, from the simplest to the most complex techniques. A fascinating one-of-a kind book which can be of interest to any modeler, not just fantasy painters.

Book contents:

- Materials


- Painting of a figure

- Bases with Milliput sheet.

-  Vines

- Rust and Water

- The Sea Lion

- Underwater Attack

- Brotherhood of the Wolf

- The Usurper

- Invocation

- The Kitchen

- The puppeteer

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