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Star Trek: The Next Generation 365
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Star Trek: The Next Generation 365

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Star Trek: The Next Generation 365


Paula Block, Terry Erdmann, Ronald Moore

September 1987. With the launch of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Gene Roddenberry somehow managed to recapture lightning in a bottle. The strange magic that for more than two decades had sustained Star Trek, the cancelled space fantasy that refused to take a curtain call, had apparently blessed its successor as well. It was off-network syndication that had transformed the original Star Trek from a qualified flop to an undeniable success story, and it was first-run syndication that made this new incarnation a full-fledged hit on the small screen; in fact, it was the highest-rated dramatic series in syndication during much of its seven-year run, and its popularity inspired four feature films and two spin-off series. Now, timed to publish on the occasion of the series’ twenty-fifth anniversary, Star Trek: The Next Generation 365 will celebrate the show that introduced a whole new generation to the wonders of space exploration. Featuring new and rarely seen photographs and illustrations, as well as now-classic set photography, development art and newly restored frame grabs from key episodes, Star Trek: The Next Generation 365 provides a fresh, accessible overview of the entire series, including an authorised guide to all 178 episodes. A visual celebration of the voyages of officers Picard, Riker, Data, Worf, Troi and more, the book’s behind-the-scenes anecdotes and in-depth episode analysis are sure to appeal to casual and longtime fans of the award-winning show alike

Creator Bio

Paula M. Block is the author of Star Trek: The Original Series 365, Star Trek 101, The Magic of Tribbles, Star Trek: ACTION! and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Companion and is a contributing writer to Valley magazine, the Chicago Sun-Times and Movieland magazine. She worked behind the scenes at Paramount Pictures, managing Star Trek publishing of all types for more than two decades. Ronald D. Moore first served as script editor, then co-producer and, in the series’ seventh and final season, producer for Star Trek: The Next Generation, contributing scripts for 27 episodes as writer or co-writer, including the award-winning series finale, “All Good Things . . .”. Moore then contributed scripts to and produced for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager, as well as Star Trek: First Contact, and served as creator, executive producer, and showrunner for the critically acclaimed re-imagining of Battlestar Galactica (2004–2009).

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